Jacky Oliver

image2-1Ivy Church & St Mary in the Marsh

Jacky Oliver is an artist and metalworker; she lives and works in London. She was originally trained in jewellery at Middlesex University, going on to study for an MA at the Royal College of Art. Her practice encompasses a range of materials and scales mainly metal, utilizing techniques and process
es including jewellery, silver-smithing, blacksmithing and bookmaking skills, Jacky creates works varying from small hand held objects through to large-scale architectural pieces.

Artist Statement

History has been etched onto the tools, the gouge in particular, to illustrate different aspects of the geography and the individual agricultural workers whose labours gave these tools life. and whose lives owed so much to their tools. The piece echoes the farmworkers toil and is located  via the bases linear structure which is taken from a map of the area. The Romney Marsh patchwork of fields suggests a biography of the farmworker, a snap shot of a different era, giving added identity and history to the tool. The etched details reference various documents including the Domesday Book, census records, maps and folk songs.


Metal – Etched, hand pierced and soldered








‘Gather-ing’ Flail – Photo © Nisha Haq