Nikki Tompsett

image002St Peter & St Paul, Newchurch
Nikki Tompsett is a painter living and working in Folkestone. She graduated from Kingston University with a BA in Painting, then went on to receive an MFA with distinction from Reading University in 1999. Her practice explores the edges of her painting, concentrating on playful sculptury/fabricy things. Imogen was born 30th October 2013, she likes exploring nature, technology, puzzles and ice-lollies.

Artist Statement

Mother and daughter explore and make in response to St Peter and St Paul in Newchurch. Mother reflects on her own childhood, and skills passed down from her own mother and grandmother, foragers and makers. If our precious habitats are to survive, it is by re-enchanting nature for our very young.image001-1



Sculptures – Paper and found objects. Size variable.